- Inbuilt file browser

It allows you to do various tasks such as opening a file present on the file system, importing and exporting a note to a particular location on the file system.

- Password protection
Scribtor can protect individual notes so that these notes are accessible only to you. These password protected notes can be viewed only onentering the password. The password and the body of the protected note are encrypted before saving into the database and thus enhancing security of your data. On providing the correct password the body of the note is decrypted and is shown for viewing and editing purposes.

- Encrypting and exporting a notepad
Notes can be encrypted, and exported to the file system as a back up. These encrypted notes can then be decrypted and imported when needed.

- Download from URL
Scribtor provides you with an option to download data or a file and save them from the web by providing the link.

- File search and replace
Searching for a text and replacing it has never been so easier in your android phone, as scribtor provides with an efficient find (incremental as well as decremental) and replace (selected as well as entire occurrences of the text) option.    

- Customize
Customize the way you want the editor to look with different options like enabling links, enabling lines in the editor, changing font type, size, color, as well as the background color. There is also an option to customize the home path of the file browser which allows you to change the access from sdcard to root provided root access is available in your mobile. Apart from all this scribtor provides you with an option for word wrap.

- Sending options
Send your note or open a file and send the text contents from the file through mail or through a message.

- Text formatting
Scribtor allows you to format the text of your note by providing features like Bold, Italics, and underlining. These formatting can be exported as a HTML document and stored in the file system.

- Supported screen resolutions
Scribtor has been designed in such a way that it is viewed on any screen sizes and different orientations.

- Other advantages
The note pad provides you with an option to view the next note and the previous note from the current note by providing shortcut buttons. Also the home page has been designed in such a way that the user is able to see the title of the note, along with the last updated date and some part of the body. Password protected notes are shown with a lock symbol and * for other details in the home page. Title for a note can be set by tapping on the title at the header part of the note, if the title is not set for the application the first part of the note is set as the title by default.